After more than a quarter century of developing resources and refining methods, Berkeley's investigators serve a broad and expanding range of clients, including:

  • Leading corporate Law Firms in Canada, the United States and abroad

  • Major North American and European Investment Banks and Commercial Banks, Venture Capitalists, Underwriting Firms and Insurance Companies

  • Major corporations, including several of the Fortune 500 Companies

  • National and International Professional Firms


We serve our corporate clients both directly, working with general counsel and senior executives, and indirectly through their outside counsel and other legal and financial advisors. These companies span the full range of business enterprise, and include leading corporations in aerospace, office equipment, chemicals, transportation, jewelry, textiles and apparel, metals, cosmetics, computer technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate, mining, foods, communication, industrial equipment, entertainment, retailing and energy resource development.

Discretion is Our Ultimate Strength


The confidence of our clients is our greatest asset. Berkeley International Intelligence Inc. maintains the highest standards of ethics, propriety and professionalism - values that are essential, given the sensitive nature of our work. Inquiries are pursued without the subject's knowledge. Many operations must carefully avoid premature or unwanted disclosure. Discretion and control in all activities are assured through scrupulous management and their ongoing review.