Threat Assessments


Crisis Response Planning / De-escalating Potential Violence / Threat Assessment, Planning & Response


Berkeley's team of Investigators organize effectively and quickly at a time of high stress so that management and employees are better prepared to respond to the emotional needs of those affected by a critical incident. The preparation of a "Crisis Response Checklist" is an important tool when managing the complexities of a critical incident within a specific environment.

Berkeley's Investigators have the required skills to defuse dangerous situations in environments where there is potential for violence and where anger and violence interplay.

Berkeley has established a communication and decision-making model for schools, businesses, organizations and communities which enables them to become more proactive in their management of threats, by identifying, assessing and managing individuals who make threats.


Managing Bomb Threats


Every year in Canada alone thousands of hours are lost as a result of "bomb threats". While the overwhelming majority of reported bomb threats are unfounded, some are not. Care must be taken, therefore, to deal with each incident calmly and consistently.

Berkeley's Investigators are experienced in all areas of Threat-Risk Assessment 
includes, but not limited to, Physical Security, Receiving a Bomb Threat, Designating Personnel and Establishing a Command Centre, Design of a Basic Response Plan, Dealing with The Media, Threat Analysis, Search & Evacuation, Search Options - Corporate Facilities / Schools / Auditoriums / Stadiums / Theatres / Airports / Aircraft, Search Methodology, Evacuation Checklist / How to Evacuate & Post Incident Analysis.