Mergers / Acquisitions / Corporate Takeovers

Almost daily, another corporate acquisition attempted or accomplished, makes headlines. For every

contest that becomes public knowledge, many more are waged or evaluated behind the scenes - proxy fights, internal struggles for control of other companies, etc.


With its unique combination of legal, business, financial and investigative professionals, as well as its worldwide resources, Berkeley International Intelligence Inc. plays an indispensable role in scores of these contests.


Success in these high-stakes contests often depends upon prompt access to strategic, accurate information about the dynamics of the companies and the industry, the key investors, and the corporate officers, directors and shareholders.  Our investigators uncover and analyze information that is used by legal counsel, proxy and financial public relations firms, investment bankers and corporate managers either in planning their strategy for an effective defense or in successfully acquiring control.

Contests for Corporate Control

Companies anticipating or engaged in hostile takeovers, proxy battles and other corporate struggles regularly enlist Berkeley's assistance to develop vital information on the background and operations of their adversaries.  This information enables more effective strategic planning by offering critical insights into such matters as:


  • Character and intentions of the opposing group

  • Past acquisition tactics

  • Non-disclosure of material facts

  • Potential legal and regulatory compliance issues


Typically, our firm is engaged by a company that is facing an unsolicited offer or the appearance of a major new shareholder.  The directors of the companies in these circumstances are duty-bound to protect shareholders' interests by basing their decisions on accurate comprehensive information.


Berkeley Investigators' proven techniques permit us to swiftly ascertain the integrity and the intentions of potential adversaries.  As strategic planning begins, we can obtain vital information on a group's tactics in earlier acquisitions.  We can also uncover material facts that may not have been disclosed in required OSC and SEC filings as well as possible instances of regulatory non-compliance.  This and other pertinent information we provide may well afford the leverage our clients need to prevail in a closely fought contest.  Our resources and skills are equally valued by clients considering acquiring or contesting control of a company.  The speed, accuracy and significance of the information we provide offers no less of an advantage in planning an acquisition than it does in organizing a defense.